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St Louis Zoo
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This morning JP left for work around 8:00AM and Lily and I slept in until around 11:00AM. After we finally woke up she was trying to convince me that we needed to stay in the hotel room all day with our pajamas on. A few hours later I finally convinced her that we needed to go on an adventure. The St Louis Zoo is only about a mile and a half from here and it is FREE so that is where we headed.


At 90 acres is one of the biggest zoos that we have ever been to.


Does this remind you of anyone?


The monkeys are by far our favorite animal. More specifically we love the chimpanzees. I texted this picture to JP and told him that this is what we would look like if we were chimps.


While zoos are kinda sad to begin with most of the animals looked pretty happy. But because it was so hot outside they didn’t move very much so they we were easily able to photograph them.


These macaw parrots cracked us up. Lily and I talked to them and they would screech back at us.


I mentioned before that it was hot. That was an understatement it was BLAZING HOT in the sunshine. Luckily they had these things all over the place for us to keep cool… okay get cool for about 2 seconds.


One of the most impressive parts of the zoo was the sea lions. Check out this tunnel that you walk in to.


You can watch the sea lions swimming all over the place. We loved this part.


And even though the zoo has free admission they have other things inside the zoo that you have to pay extra for. We successfully walked past the things that you pay extra for until we saw an ice cream stand.


And just when I thought we were in the clear Lily spotted the Build-A-Bear store. Well played Build-A-Bear, well-played. I was being nice when I told Lily we could go inside and take a look. What I wasn’t ready for was that the stuffed animals that they sell are exclusive to the St Louis Zoo. I am sure that most people don’t know that Build-A-Bear was started in St Louis. I totally caved and let Lily picked out a monkey that she named Bobo.



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  1. Zerah says:

    Vanessa has fond memories of the st. louis zoo in the blazing heat, just ask! :)

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