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Pool Leak?
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Remember all of that rain that I talked about last weekend? And how I confessed my irrational fear of the pool overflowing? Well over the last few days I have watched that completely full pool level drop and drop and drop. At first I thought maybe it was my imagination but as the week went by I realized that there was a problem. We lost at least a foot of pool water in less than a week… this is not normal. The first pool step is exposed.


The water got so low that I had to turn the pool pump off until I had time to go out and investigate the problem.


I had a suspicion that the water was leaking through the light on the side of the pool but I wasn’t sure so did a little bit of internet research. There are lots of options to diagnose the problem. The easiest is to call a leak detection company to figure it out for you.. and pay them a bunch of money. But that is not how we roll so I knew I had to find another method. Then I stumbled upon an article about using food dye to find the leak. In order for the dye test to work you must have at least a suspicion of where the leak is. Since I thought it was near the light I ran the test myself. All you do it take some food dye and put a bunch of drops near where you think the problem is. You can use any color but I thought blue would be best so that is what I used. As soon as the dye hit the water it started going toward the pool light… just as I suspected.


Then after researching how to fix this I found the answer. JP and I went to Lowe’s and bought Butyl Rubber for about $5. He used the rubber to create a seal around the light. The good thing about the Butyl Rubber is that if/when we need to change the light bulb the rubber never gets fully hard so we will be able to pop it off with a little bit of pressure. First world problem… fixed!


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  1. Rich says:

    Damn, I should have taken pictures of me replacing the conduit going in to my septic lift station. What a smelly job.

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