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Walking Portland
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Around 3:00 today I took off on foot to go bug JP at work. It is about a 10 block walk from the apartment to his office. I was about half way there when I looked up and saw him walking in my direction. Evidently we both had the same idea… leave work as soon as possible. Today was one of the warmest days of the year so far so the first thing JP wanted to do was go home and put some shorts on.


Once he was ready to go again we headed down to the river front. We’ve walked down there a few times but we have never really walked along the river for very far. Today was the day. Like I said the weather was perfect and we had lots of day light left. Check out our shadows kissing.


All along the river front they have markers telling you how far away things are.


Did you know that Portland is also known as Bridgetown? It has 12 major bridges, many of which lift in the center to allow boat traffic through. 10 bridges span the Willamette River, and two cross the Columbia.


Just hanging out by the Willamette River.


We saw three fountains that we didn’t know about. This one was unpredictable and amazingly I was able to touch the water without getting wet.


Every single time we are in Portland I always say that I want to picture of this sign. It is located on the west side of the Burnside Bridge and is not easy to get a picture of… this is the best one so far.


We walked through China Town.


And stopped a couple of times along the way. How can we resist a Rainier Beer? 


Speaking of cheap beer did you hear about the Rainier Beer Bear in the news a few years ago?

BAKER LAKE, Wash. — Rain-eeeeer …. Bear?
When state Fish and Wildlife agents recently found a black bear passed out on the lawn of Baker Lake Resort, there were some clues scattered nearby — dozens of empty cans of Rainier Beer.
The bear apparently got into campers’ coolers and used his claws and teeth to puncture the cans. And not just any cans.
“He drank the Rainier and wouldn’t drink the Busch beer,” said Lisa Broxson, bookkeeper at the campground and cabins resort east of Mount Baker.
Fish and Wildlife enforcement Sgt. Bill Heinck said the bear did try one can of Busch, but ignored the rest.
“He didn’t like that (Busch) and consumed, as near as we can tell, about 36 cans of Rainier.”
A wildlife agent tried to chase the bear from the campground but the animal just climbed a tree to sleep it off for another four hours. Agents finally herded the bear away, but it returned the next morning.
Agents then used a large, humane trap to capture it for relocation, baiting the trap with the usual: doughnuts, honey and, in this case, two open cans of Rainier. That did the trick.
“This is a new one on me,” Heinck said. “I’ve known them to get into cans, but nothing like this. And it definitely had a preference.”

I can’t believe I am going to admit this but along the way we passed The Heathman Hotel. Do you know what makes this hotel popular (besides being uber fancy)? If you read the Fifty Shades of Grey books you should recognize this as the setting on more than a few pages. Oh and in my defense I stopped reading the series after book number two.


Am I the only one that sees Electric Avenue and instantly this is playing in my head “Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue And then we’ll take it higher”.


As we were headed home I saw a tree in the distance. I had to hug it.


Yup, I hugged a tree today!


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    That is a great picture of you and JP. Looks like a fun day!

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