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The Angry Raccoon
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Remember I mentioned the raccoon that hangs out in our backyard at night? It started with him dragging the pool thermometer from the pool to the back deck almost every night. Then he started breaking into the metal trash can that holds the bird seeds. I have seen him a bunch of times now first thing in the morning hanging out on the deck eating seeds. The morning that we left for St Louis I brought the seed container inside the house. I did that because if the birds or squirrels find the open container they will eat it… all of it.

The day that we got back from our trip I went out on the deck and found this.


I think the raccoon is angry about me moving what he considered his seeds and now he is sending me a message. I accidentally left my flip-flops out on the pool deck a couple of days ago. The funny thing is that he had to carry that flip-flop all the way from the pool deck to the back deck. That would have been a funny sight. He left the other flip-flop over on the pool deck.

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