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Time With You
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I have been in Portland with JP since Sunday afternoon. When he asked me what I plan on doing while I’m here I told him that I just wanted to hang out with him. I had a few really good lazy days. Did I get anything done? Not really.. unless you count cleaning the apartment, doing laundry and reading books as getting anything done. Did I go anywhere? Not before 5:00 pm each day when I knew JP was getting off of work.

I don’t really have very many pictures but I do have a few.

One of the mornings I saw it snowing and landing on rooftops but the ground below was completely dry.


We ate oysters!


We went to check out the Portland City Grill which is located on the 30th floor in a building downtown.


Check out the view of Mt Hood From the Portland City Grill.




The piano man let me play a song with him.


I wore my Seattle Mariners sweatshirt. Did you know they are 11-3 so far… but don’t get excited because that’s their spring training record. The regular season doesn’t start until April 1st.


Oh and I bought an umbrella!


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  1. Vanessa says:

    The beard on that guy is crazy!!

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