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Easter Injury Report

Although Easter was a huge success we did have a bit of drama after dinner. I was washing dishes and while I was washing one of the knifes it slipped and cut my right pointer finger. I knew right when it happened that it was a bad cut. After wrapping it up in a napkin JP drove me to the Texas Med-Clinic to have the doctor take a look at it.


It hurts but I am still smiling.


The doctor shot me up with a tetanus shot in my arm and some lidocaine in my finger. Then she put four stitches in my finger.


After we got home we sat down for a few hands of Euchre. It is really hard to find people in Texas that know how to play Euchre so I had to take advantage of playing while I had family in town.


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  1. Daisy says:

    I was sitting right next to my mom when it happend.
    I was watching a basketball game with my cousins.



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