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What Happens In Barbie Land?
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A while back I told you guys that Barbie Land is in Lily’s room. The problem with all that Barbie stuff is that it tends to get really messy in that room. About a month ago something magical happened. I spent a full day cleaning her room and Barbie Land. I sat in Barbie Land for HOURS sorting everything out. I sorting everything down into categories and put them all in different bins. She has bins for pets, purses, kitchen accessories, hair accessories, clothing, etc. You would be amazed at how organized it was at the end of that day. Then I super deep cleaned her room and bathroom. When she came home from school that day I showed her what I had done. That room was perfect… nothing out of place. I explained to her that now that it was clean it should be pretty easy to keep it that way. Simply put something back after you play with it, right? Well that was a month ago and every time I go in her room it makes me smile… because it is still amazingly clean in there. I am not sure exactly how she went from a kinda messy kid to a super clean kid in about a month but whatever impression I made on her that day totally stuck. Go Lily!!

Today I went up to her room to talk to her about something and I found her playing in Barbie Land. When I asked her what she was doing she said told me that her Barbie’s are watching The Lorax on their large screen TV (her iPod). She said the table was set and it was almost time for dinner. How funny is that?


Do you see the large screen TV?


And did you notice what the mom is doing on the couch while watching the movie? If not here is a closer look.


She said “Barbie likes coffee just like you do Mom”.

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