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Did you know that we do not have a television in our apartment in Portland? I am pretty sure that this is the only place I hang out that doesn’t have one. The best part is that we don’t really need one. It makes us leave the building instead of sitting there mesmerized in front of the boob tube.

Today I set out on foot to find the AAA to get a couple of maps of Portland. I just want them to hang on the wall so we can mark down where we have and haven’t been. A couple blocks down from the AAA building I walked past the court house. There was lots of commotion so I stopped to take a look. I talked to a guy who was standing next to me. He said that they were filming a scene for the NBC TV show Grimm.


While I was standing there talking to him someone walked up and handed me this sticker and told me about the need for extras on TV/movie sets in the Portland area.


The guy I was talking to said that he was a stand-in for Silas Mitchell who plays a character named Monroe on the show. I had no idea what a stand-in was until he explained it to me. Here is a picture of Silas walking down the steps.


After doing the downtown thing for a little while I headed back to the apartment. Once JP was off work we got in the car and headed to Willamette Falls. Willamette Falls is the second largest waterfall by volume in the United States. I am sure you can guess what the largest is (clue: we went there last summer). To learn more about Willamette Falls click here. This picture cracks me up! You can see the falls in the background. Please note that I didn’t actually throw the box.


The falls are in a little town named Oregon City which is about 20 miles south of the apartment. This sign is just in front of the pull out over looking the falls.


On our way back downtown we stopped to see The Statue of Liberty. I guess I always imagined it being a lot larger.. and in New York City.


Check out my impressive wing span. Oh Liberty!


And to end our day we headed over to McCormick and Schmick’s for some oysters and other happy hour foods.


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