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Turning Into JP
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The other day when I was standing in Barnes and Noble I had two different Douglas Coupland books in my hand. I had Player One and The Gum Thief but I couldn’t decide which one to get. Both seemed like they would be a good read but I didn’t want to buy both. So I walked down to the end of the aisle and asked a random guy which book he would get based on the cover. He said “They always say never judge a book by its cover”. I told him that today we just books by their cover. I ended up getting Player One and reading it really fast. So today after Lily got home from school I asked her if she would go to the book store with me so that I could get The Gum Thief. Lily knows we have a standing deal that if we are at the book store she can get any book she wants as long as it is a reading book and not an activity book so she was happy to go.

Unfortunately they didn’t have my book in stock but they had All Families Are Psychotic by the same author… it will have to do for now.


When I buy books I limit myself to one book because that gives me an excuse to come back to the store soon. Usually when JP buys books he gets at least 3 or 4. Today I ended up buying 4 books for myself and I can’t wait to get through all of them. If you are ever wondering what I am reading you can click on the tab above named “I read” to see. I have rated each book from 1 to 5 stars based on how much I liked it.

When we got out to the car Lily immediately started reading her book. Ahhhh we are truly readers.


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