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Time To Trim
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Every winter we have three plants that we bring in the house for a couple months. This year we didn’t bring them in and it was really hard on them. These plants are usually big and happy… but not lately. I have been putting off trimming them but today I just couldn’t stand looking at how unhappy they are. I grabbed my scissors and spent some time trying to help them. Did you know that the more you trim your plants the bigger and bushier they will grow?



And after




And after


Much better, right? In a few months they will be big and beautiful again.

Today I was at the store and I saw Foxtail Ferns for sale. These ferns are very drought resistant and easy to care for. I see them all over the place but this is my first time buying one. I waited until Lily got home and had her do the potting. She loves plants as much as I do.


It is hard to see in the pictures how unique they are. I love the look.


Oh and check out what we spotted in one of the trees along the fence. I wonder if someone is planning on laying eggs in it?


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