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Summer For A Day
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Today here in San Antonio, TX we had summer for a day. I was so excited when I looked at the forecast and saw the high temperature forecasted at 81°. When they say 81° that is the temperature in the shade… which means the temperature in the direct sun is much warmer. It also means don’t leave your kids, pets, make-up, or anything else that melts or dies sitting in your car. I learned the hard way right after moving here about leaving things in your car on a hot day. I once left my makeup bag sitting in my car during a work day and when I looked in it at the end of the day all of my eye liners and lip glosses had melted. Gross. I have also left a live plant in the car… big mistake. It was dead beyond dead.

I have waited for a day like today because our pool needs some attention from MSPPG! JP named me Miss Sexy Pants Pool Girl a couple of years ago.. and I really like the title. So after drinking a few cups of coffee I slapped on my bikini and headed out to the pool.


There are lots of leaves in the bottom of the pool and a lot floating on top so the first thing I did was skim the leaves that I could off the surface.

Then I vacuumed the entire pool. Here is the picture I snapped right before I finished. How I love a pretty blue pool with no leaves in it.


Oh and just in case you plan on coming here to swim I need to remind you of the rules. I had this sign made a few years ago for the pool house. I still laugh every time I see it.


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