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Saturday Travel
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We don’t usually travel to Portland on Saturday’s but Lily has other plans this weekend so we took off a day early. After being on so many airplanes now I kinda wonder what other people do to amuse themselves during the flight. I usually listen to music, read or sleep. If I am able to sleep then it feels like I teleported which I love.


Once we got to Portland I wanted to go shopping for tomorrows Super Bowl game. We planned on rooting for the San Francisco 49ers but after making about 20 phone calls looking for something to wear I wasn’t able to make that happen. The stores had men’s 49ers apparel but nothing for women. I finally settled for shopping at Nike Town and ended up buying JP a San Francisco 49ers t-shirt and a Baltimore Ravens pull-over for me. The Ravens pull-over is a men’s small because they also had no women’s Super Bowl apparel.


I took time to pose with this cat.


And with this bear.


Did you know that Portland claims to be America’s Bicycle Capital? I found this on a wall downtown. The picture does it no justice because it looks small, right? It is actually 4 stories high!


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