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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
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It’s Valentine’s Day! Since JP is out of town for work today was not really a romantic day but it was a fun day. I helped plan and host the Valentine’s Day Party at Lily’s school. Selena even joined in on the fun.


Then after school we headed down to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This event has gone on since 1950. If you want to read about the history you can CLICK HERE.


We didn’t go to the rodeo part because we didn’t have tickets but we did go to the fair grounds where they have the stock shows. Check it out… this is some bull!


And we went into a barn that was sponsored by Borden Dairy. We saw the cutest calf in history.


And chicks man!


Lily gave one of the cows a snack.


And we found lots of photo ops. Pig-ture Perfect!


We saw the Pillsbury Doughboy. If you poke his belly he giggles just like on the commercials.


Never miss a chance to put your face in a hole.


See! We love our face in hole.


After Lily rode a ton of the rides we headed to the petting zoo before we left. Is this not the silliest lamb you have ever seen?


The baby goats were cute too!


And I think I fell in love with this llama.


I don’t really feel this way today but I do love me some grumpy cat.


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