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Our Sunday Drive
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We flew into LAX yesterday and then drove to Palm Desert to visit with JP’s parents for a couple days. When we woke up this morning we had breakfast and then set out on a road trip. Our destination was The Salton Sea which is California’s largest lake. You can read more about the lake if you CLICK HERE.

We stopped for a photo opp at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.


Then we headed to a place that I found on my RoadsideAmerica app. The Mud Pots of Niland, CA are a mixture of mud, ash and water that pleasantly burp and croak. I think the coolest part of this is not just the cold bubbling mud but that fact that there are no signs directing you to it. You have to drive down a long dirt road and there aren’t even signs once you get to it. No signs, no fences and no people.


Taking a photo of my in front of the mud pots do it no justice so here is a video that I put together so you can see it in action.

Our next stop was at a date farm. I am pretty sure that this weekend is the first time I have tried one. They remind me of a huge raisin with a pit. Did you know that they grow on Palm Trees? I guess they are probably called Date Trees but they look like Palm Trees.


And look how tall palm trees are in California. Can you even see me at the bottom of it?


Soooo tall!


After a day of adventure we ended up back in Palm Desert for dinner. Cheers!


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