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Nielsen Viewing Diary
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Back in December I told you guys that we were contacted by Nielsen to do a survey about our television watching. I did the survey back then and evidently they liked our answers because they contacted us again. This time they called and asked me a series of questions. The woman on the phone told me that based on my responses they would like to find out exactly what we watch for one week. For the last 7 days I have tracked everything that we watch in the Nielsen Viewing Diary that they sent. Since we have 4 televisions in our house they sent me 4 diaries.


Based on 7 days of writing down our viewing habits I learned some stuff.

  • We have 4 televisions in our house but in 7 days neither the tv in Lily’s room nor the one in the office was turned on.
  • We never watch television in the morning. The earliest the tv was ever turned on was around 7:00 pm.
  • We had 2 days during the survey when none of the televisions were turned on. Even though they weren’t turned on I still had to fill out the initial diary questions and return the diaries for all 4 televisions in our house.
  • 99% of the tv that we watch was from the DVR. Yes, that information is still recorded in the diary.
  • I did all the writing in the diary. Lily and JP were not very helpful.
  • I kept the $30 that they paid me to do this. Neither Lily or JP benefited from it.
  • There is a page in the beginning of the diary that asks you to write all the channels that you get with your cable service. What? That is a ridiculous question because we get like 1,000 or so. Instead of filling out that part I attached the original channel list that AT&T U-verse gave us when they hooked up our service.
  • In the beginning of the diary there is also a page that asks for the names and ages of the people in your household. There is even extra spaces for “guests” who happen to be at your house watching tv with you.
  • We don’t watch the news. We do however watch The Soup every single week… Oh Joel McHale you fully amuse us.
  • I was glad that Survivor Season 26 premiered during my diary week. It was one of two shows that we watched before it was done recording.
  • When you write a show down they want to know who in your house was watching it. They even wanted to know if someone in your house who wasn’t watching it could still hear the tv.
  • Why doesn’t Nielsen have something that I can plug into my TV, DVR or Cable Box that will record this information for them without me writing it down? It is 2013… there has to be the technology for this.
  • Now I kinda wonder if AT&T U-verse keeps track of what we watch or record.
  • I don’t think I would do this survey again. Only because I now consider myself a lazy tv watcher who doesn’t want to write down what I watch.

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