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Mississippi Ave – Portland, OR
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We have made it a mission to visit all the different neighborhoods in Portland. It is amazing how many places there are to explore outside of downtown. After work today JP and I hopped in the car and headed Northeast-ish to Historic Mississippi Avenue. To learn more about this neighborhood you can click here.

I took this directly from the website:

Portland’s historic Mississippi Avenue thrives on a rich and diverse history that expresses itself in an inspiring community of businesses, homes, and neighbors.

Originally home to the Clackamas Indians, the area was settled by German and Scandinavian shipyard workers and their families in the mid 1800’s. Later, African Americans displaced by the 1948 Vanport flood relocated to the neighborhood, further enhancing its rich tapestry of life and culture. Native Americans and light industrial activity returned to the neighborhood by way of post-WWII relocation, and population and businesses grew.

Today, N. Mississippi is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Oregon. Businesses are largely local and independent, and the result is a creative mix of boutiques and shops, music venues, wellness practitioners, restaurants and coffee shops, bars and breweries, and more. It’s a unique neighborhood of creative spirit, and an easy place to call home.

We went into a couple stores and I found this pair of socks. Yes, I bought them. I am not 100% sure when I will wear them but know that I will.


And I found this box of chocolates. Oh my!


And for just a few moments I was the good witch.


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  1. Barb says:

    Ever watch Portlandia? It’s funny, but so odd. I can take it in small doses. Check Netflix.

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