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Mini Liquor Bottle Gift?

My friend is turning 30 this year. I have waited 4 years for her 30th birthday and I will tell you why. When I first met her I was 30 and she was 26. She told me I was old and then more than a few times referred to me as her older friend. I have always told her that she would be 30 someday too and I couldn’t wait for it.

Of course since it is a surprise party I would have missed it so I am so glad that her friend is outgoing enough to find me on Facebook and invite me. Now I just needed to come up with a cute gift idea. I wanted something fun and party-ish. I remembered seeing people post pictures of baskets filled with mini liquor bottles and it got my creative juices flowing. I did a ton of google-ing but I wasn’t sure what they are called (and I am still not). I did searches like “how to make a mini liquor bottle basket”, “how to make a mini liquor bottle gift”, “mini liquor bottle bouquet”, “mini liquor bottle gift ideas”… I found a bunch of pictures of them and a few blogs claiming to have tutorials but when I clicked on it the links were either broken or it was a crappy tutorial with very little direction. I am still not sure how people get them on the sticks to stick in a bouquet *sigh*, so I had to come up with something on my own. After brain storming I came up with the idea of using a large glass jar. That way the bottles will stay in place when you transport it and it will be very obvious what it is when you see it.

With the idea in my mind I headed to Target and then to Gabriel’s Liquor Store. The total cost of this gift is about $30 if you don’t count the $12 I spent on the paint pens.


What you need:

  • Medium to Large Glass Jar with a lid
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks for it
  • Tissue Paper (not pictured)
  • Round Black Gift Tags
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • White Paint Pen (I now have black, white, grey & silver)
  • 12+ Mini Liquor Bottles

The stickers that I bought are puffy and in the shape of candles. Appropriately I used 30 of the stickers (plus one for the front of the birthday card).


Next I randomly stuck them all over the side of the glass jar. When I started I planned on hot gluing them so that they didn’t peel off, but after sticking a couple on I realized that it was not necessary.


Then I added one sheet of tissue paper. I just put it in the bottom of the jar and made sure that it was evenly squished down. I only did this to add a little color to make it look prettier. Then I added the liquor bottles making sure the labels face a readable direction (I knew I needed 12 because after I bought the jar I took it in to the liquor store and tested it. The employees at the store were amused and said it was a great idea. Kudos to me!). Next up was a bit of filler. I used these little pom-pom things that I had on hand ( I snapped them off of the wood picks).


Then I took one more piece of tissue paper and filled the jar the rest of the way. You can shake this jar and nothing moves. Success!


I took the black gift tag and wrote the big dreaded 3-0 on it in white. And I signed my name on the back so that she knows that I know she is 30 now… and soooo old!


The last step is securing the bow and gift tag to the lid. I used hot glue to help the ribbon stay in place. I am sure she will re-use this jar and when she does the glue will peel right off.

Here is the finished product! What do you think? It only took me about 15 minutes to put together and I am very pleased with the results.


3 Comments to “Mini Liquor Bottle Gift?”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Looks cool. We should pin it on Pinterest…

  2. James Moore says:

    That was really cool from your end. This gift looks amazing. Nice and creative effort on mini liquor bottle gift. I have also got an idea which I think you may like to bring to a friends party. That is 5 Unique Liquors to Bring to a Party. If you want your gift to stand out? Try any one of these interesting elixirs.


  3. diana says:

    Adorable gift! Love the idea!

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