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Mexican Lime Tree
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This afternoon we were out in the yard looking at our citrus trees. We can see lots of new growth on the grapefruit tree and a bit of new growth on the satsuma tree. I have been a bit worried about the satsuma because he hasn’t done anything in a few months. No growth.. no dead leaves… nothing. But after talking to our yard guy he told me that it is simply the type of tree that goes dormant for the winter. When I saw the new growth I looked at JP and said “He’s waking up, he’s waking up”.

Today I gave both a generous amount of fertilizer and watered them down. When I dropped the hose near one of the big rocks that surround the tree a bunch of ants started coming out from under the rock and scrabbling around. It freaked me out. I didn’t know what kind they are or what they are doing living under one of our rocks. I ran inside and grabbed a small glass jar to trap a few of them.

I caught two of them and drove to Milberger’s Nursery to see what they have to say. Anytime I have gone to this nursery they are always very friendly and very helpful. I showed the guy my ants and he said that they are harmless and not the type that will eat up the roots or leaves. He said that if anything they will help fight off other bugs because they are predators.

After talking about the ants I asked him about trees. He walked me around and showed me the avocado trees. Then the orange trees and finally the lime trees. LIME TREES!!! He had a few Mexican Lime Trees that looks okay and one that looked so big and happy. It has lots of little buds and pretty white flowers. I really wanted to buy it on the spot but I remembered that I drove my car to the nursery… not the truck.

I told him my dilemma and the possibility of taking the top down on my car. He said as long as we can fit it in the car it will be fine if I drive slow on the way home. This just might be the most ridiculous thing you see today.


Here is our newest baby.


He stands at about 5 feet tall and should produce fruit 3-4 times a year.


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