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Let’s Go To The Coast
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We spent the last two days of our California trip on the coast in Santa Monica. JP and I have done a lot of talking about living in California and I would say that after this trip I am 100% on board with our life plan of possibly living here some day.

I learned all about the Third Street Promenade. Holy shopping! If you don’t know about this place CLICK HERE and then go next time you are in Santa Monica.


Check out all these shoes in the window of the Converse store.


I met up with my cousin Claudine for the first time in 15 years. When I got back to the hotel I told JP that not only do I have a cousin, I also have a new friend.


When we woke up on Tuesday morning we grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out for a walk down the pier. We love love love the ocean.


I went to Venice Beach. It was cold… and a little rainy but I still went to that I could say I have been there. There a tons of tv shows and movies filmed on the boardwalk in Venice Beach.


I sent this picture to JP when he text me and asked where I was.


I need to come back on a warm sunny day!


If this looks familiar it’s because it has been in a tons of tv and movies scenes. The one I instantly think of is the opening credits for Californication.


I bought this book and devoured it in less than 24 hours. If you looking for a good read try Player One by Douglas Coupland.


I also bought this new backpack. I had to buy a bag because when I packed for our trip I planned on using JP’s suitcase. When we go to California I realized that all the clothing I set out never made it into is suitcase. I literally had the clothing on my back and 1 pair of jeans that somehow made it in the suitcase. So since I had to buy clothing I also had to buy something to bring it home in.


On our last night we had dinner with Claudine at The Lobster right next to the Santa Monica Pier.


And of course we had to pose for this picture after dinner.


As we were walking back to the hotel I spotted this sign. Pretty funny stuff!


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