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Cleaning The Hot Tub
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We had another super warm day today! I have wanted to clean the hot tub for a while now but it is a tough job… and I am a little intimidated by it. I am always a little nervous when I pull up the cover on it because I have seen so many things under there. I’ve seen a few huge centipedes, a tarantula, and countless lizards. They hang out on the right side of the cover near the controls. I am assuming they hang there because it is nice and warm. We never turn the hot tub off it runs all year long at a constant 100°.  Some people keep their hot tubs at a hotter temperature but I can’t. If it is any warmer I can only be in there for a few minutes before I start feeling sick. Me and hot hot water just don’t get along very well.

Last time we drained it we used a sump pump. After doing that my brother told me that there is a drain plug somewhere on the tub and we shouldn’t need the sump pump. Sure enough there is one right by the heater so this time draining it was a lot easier. This time we decided to change it from a bromine hot tub to a chlorine hot tub. I think chlorine smells a lot cleaner than bromine.

After it was completely drained and I scrubbed it down it was time to refill.


We also bought this cool thing that floats around the hot tub soaking up scum. I think the product name Scumball is the coolest name ever.


All full and clean again!


3 Comments to “Cleaning The Hot Tub”

  1. Rich says:

    I would not be able to use our Hot Tub if it was chlorine. Did a thing called Soft Soak but went back to bromine after having to perform angioplasty on the hot tub plumbing.

    I like the Zorbo better.

  2. Daisy says:

    Why couldn’t you use it if it was chlorine?
    So far I like it way better.
    I looked up that Soft Soak… looks expensive!
    Have you ever used that scent stuff? We have a hole for scents on the side of the tub but I am hesitant to try it.

  3. Rich says:

    The chlorine would react with my skin very badly. No I have not used scents.

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