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Today Lily, JP and I started a project that involves power tools, wood, and paint. We are making bunnies and eggs for a front yard decoration. I came up with the idea after I saw something similar to what we are making when I was surfing around online a few days ago. After drawing the […]


Today was my usual travel day. I got on the plane in Portland and headed to Phoenix. The flight time to Phoenix is about two and a half hours. There was a cat on our plane that meowed the ENTIRE time. I am not kidding… meow, meow, meow. I thought I was gonna go crazy! […]

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I saw a couple Grumpy Cat pictures that cracked me up today and I have to share them with you. I like Grumpy Cat so much that I gave him his own category! If you look on the right side of the screen you can see all the postings I have him in so far!

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Do you wanna join a band? I saw this sign in downtown Portland today. Thought I would post it just in case. It’s okay if you don’t want to be in a band. I do have this eating disorder that the girl in the picture below has though.

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This morning I drove from Portland to Seattle to spend some time with a few people. Check out the awesome car that I drove this week. It is a rental but I really want to own a Ford Mustang. I had lunch at Palomino with one of my favorite ex-coworkers. Will and I realized during […]

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Every time we go to the airport and park in long term parking I see some funny signs. I have been meaning for a long time to snap a picture of them. Well today we got to the airport with a little time to spare so JP and I walked down to the ground level […]


This afternoon we were out in the yard looking at our citrus trees. We can see lots of new growth on the grapefruit tree and a bit of new growth on the satsuma tree. I have been a bit worried about the satsuma because he hasn’t done anything in a few months. No growth.. no […]

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Every winter we have three plants that we bring in the house for a couple months. This year we didn’t bring them in and it was really hard on them. These plants are usually big and happy… but not lately. I have been putting off trimming them but today I just couldn’t stand looking at […]

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The other day when I was standing in Barnes and Noble I had two different Douglas Coupland books in my hand. I had Player One and The Gum Thief but I couldn’t decide which one to get. Both seemed like they would be a good read but I didn’t want to buy both. So I […]

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We spent the last two days of our California trip on the coast in Santa Monica. JP and I have done a lot of talking about living in California and I would say that after this trip I am 100% on board with our life plan of possibly living here some day. I learned all […]

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We flew into LAX yesterday and then drove to Palm Desert to visit with JP’s parents for a couple days. When we woke up this morning we had breakfast and then set out on a road trip. Our destination was The Salton Sea which is California’s largest lake. You can read more about the lake […]


I did it again! JP had a late flight into San Antonio and since Lily ditched me for the weekend to go camping with her grandparents I had a chance to wear a costume to the airport when I picked him up. I wonder if this will ever get old to him. Among a ton […]


It’s Valentine’s Day! Since JP is out of town for work today was not really a romantic day but it was a fun day. I helped plan and host the Valentine’s Day Party at Lily’s school. Selena even joined in on the fun. Then after school we headed down to the San Antonio Stock Show […]

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Back in December I told you guys that we were contacted by Nielsen to do a survey about our television watching. I did the survey back then and evidently they liked our answers because they contacted us again. This time they called and asked me a series of questions. The woman on the phone told […]


Rose’s are red Violet’s are blue Our Skeleton is gonna make a Valentine out of you!

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A while back I told you guys that Barbie Land is in Lily’s room. The problem with all that Barbie stuff is that it tends to get really messy in that room. About a month ago something magical happened. I spent a full day cleaning her room and Barbie Land. I sat in Barbie Land […]

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We had another super warm day today! I have wanted to clean the hot tub for a while now but it is a tough job… and I am a little intimidated by it. I am always a little nervous when I pull up the cover on it because I have seen so many things under […]

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Today here in San Antonio, TX we had summer for a day. I was so excited when I looked at the forecast and saw the high temperature forecasted at 81°. When they say 81° that is the temperature in the shade… which means the temperature in the direct sun is much warmer. It also means […]

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Today was pretty uneventful unless you consider flying an exciting thing. We woke up a little later than usual and I only had one hour to make it all the way from the apartment to the airport then through security and in line to get on the plane. Southwest airlines starts boarding about 30 minutes […]

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Did you know that we do not have a television in our apartment in Portland? I am pretty sure that this is the only place I hang out that doesn’t have one. The best part is that we don’t really need one. It makes us leave the building instead of sitting there mesmerized in front […]

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We have made it a mission to visit all the different neighborhoods in Portland. It is amazing how many places there are to explore outside of downtown. After work today JP and I hopped in the car and headed Northeast-ish to Historic Mississippi Avenue. To learn more about this neighborhood you can click here. I […]