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Winter & Shrimp Tacos

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped outside to go grocery shopping this morning. Yes… this is the winter that I know and love!


While I was shopping and trying to decide what to make for lunch I walked past the seafood counter. This made me start thinking about shrimp. There are so many things you can do with shrimp but I wanted to try something new. Why not take the fish tacos that I make and make them with shrimp instead of fish? All you need is fresh warm tortillas, shrimp, cabbage (green or purple), and southwest sauce.

how to make shrimp tacos southwest

The best part is that the shrimp at the grocery store is fresh gulf shrimp and only like $5.00 per pound. And if you ask them they will steam and season them for you right at the seafood counter… it only takes about 10 minutes.

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