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Travel Day & Memory Lane
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I woke up at my usual Portland 4:00 am this morning to catch a 5:55 am flight back to San Antonio. My flight landed around 1:45 pm and I headed home. Lily got off the bus around 2:45 and about 30 minutes last we headed toward the airport to pick up Angela who was landing at 3:45 on a flight from Florida. I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this before but the airport is less than a 15 minute drive from our house unless you hit traffic.

Once Angela was in the truck I was happy when she told me that she had stayed up all night with her 8 month old nephew the night before and she was feeling super lazy… because I was too. We headed home to watch a movie then we ate dinner and put Lily to bed.

I am actually pretty surprised that I don’t have any pictures from today so I will share a different memory with you. I was sitting here wondering when I first met Angela. I knew it was at softball but I wasn’t exactly sure how long ago. So after combing through my archives I figured out that the very first picture we show up in together is on October 12, 2010 at a softball game. It is pretty obvious by the color of her shirt that she is on another team. I remember the reason she was over with us is because we asked her to play with our team that night. Oh memories!


She shows up in a blog post exactly one week later on October 19, 2010… again at a softball game. To see it click here. As of today she shows up again 43 times on this blog.

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