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Texas Ruby Sweet Grapefruit Harvest Day
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Back on June 1st JP, Lily and I went shopping for lemon and lime trees. They were sold out of those so we ended up with a grapefruit tree and an orange tree. They were in pots for about a month until our yard guy told us they needed to go in the ground. He came one Saturday afternoon and put them in the perfect spot for maximum sunlight. For the next 7 months I treated these trees like gold. They were the first thing I looked at when I looked out the window. They were the first thing I went to see when I got home after being gone for a few days. They had a special automatic sprinkler setting to make sure that they got the right amount of water during the dead of summer. I pulled bad leaves off of them as needed. I have talked to them more times then will even seem rational. Sadly a few months ago the oranges fell from the tree before they were ripe. I am still a little suspicious about what happen to the oranges because they both fell on the same day in the same spot. But the grapefruit hung in there, two dark green happy grapefruits sitting in the tree! Then back in November they started changing from dark green to light green with a little bit of yellow. At that point I started going outside pretty much every day to visit with them. So many times I would drag Lily and JP out there to look at them too. For the last month they have looked almost ready to pick except for they still had a little tiny bit of green on them. The other day I saw that it was time. Although I knew that it was time to pick them I also knew that I couldn’t do it until JP and Lily were both there.

Today was the day!

We have been waiting 8 months for this day.

When does Texas grapefruit ripen?


When is grapefruit ready to pick in Texas?

Lily thought it would be cool to toss it in the air.


I didn’t agree and I am so glad that I was there to catch it for her before it hit the ground.


I was so excited to take them inside and eat them.


But first we had to wash them.


Then it was the moment of truth.


I peeled off a little chuck of rind so that I could smell it. Oh my sweetness was the smell amazing!


Then Lily peeled it the rest of the way.


We were ready to eat our super juicy Texas Ruby Sweet Grapefruit.


It took until after the first bite for Lily to realize that she didn’t need any sugar on it at all. It was amazingly sweet and oh so juicy. It is so juicy that we needed the plate and a towel to catch the juice. Usually when we eat grapefruit we just eat the pulp but even with the skin stuff still on it it tasted A-MAZ-ING!


Just for fun I looked up the history of Texas Ruby Sweet Grapefruit and found a great website. If you wanna check it out you can CLICK HERE.



4 Comments to “Texas Ruby Sweet Grapefruit Harvest Day”

  1. Jen says:

    I’m so glad they survived! I remember how excited you were about eventually being able to harvest them. How awesome will it be once those little trees are all big and fruity!

  2. Rich says:

    When we lived in Laredo the next door neighbor would let us have their Ruby Red grapefruit. Never had a better tasting fruit.

  3. Natalie says:

    Oh what I would do to live in a warm climate!

  4. Rachel Breen says:

    The grapefruit looks really great. It’s just the right size and the pinkish color you see when you peel it is just a taste of what’s coming next. Great job on those grapefruits!

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