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Tetley Tea & Schools
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I almost always have a fresh batch of iced tea in our fridge. Iced tea tastes so much better if you brew it yourself instead of buying the pre-made crap at the store. I also like making it myself because I like it stronger than what the recipe on the box calls for. I have gone without it for a few days because we ran out of my usual brand and I haven’t gone shopping lately. But I was grabbing something out of the pantry when I saw a box of Tetley Tea. I remember JP buying this a few months ago suggesting that we try another brand. I wasn’t to keen on the idea back then but today I had nothing to lose. 

The directions say to use 2 bags per 8 cups of boiling water and then to let it steep for 3-5 minutes. I like it stronger so I used 3 bags instead of 2.


I put the rest of the bags in my tea container along with the directions from the box so I don’t forget next time.

Right as I dropped the tea bags in the water my phone rang. It was Bryan telling me that he was stuck in traffic and would be late picking up Lily from after school care. He asked me if I could go get her and meet him at my house. Sure, why not? As soon as I saw her I told her that I think she is super stylish. Check out her awesome outfit.

It was also my first time at the new school. It still appears to be under construction but classes started this past Monday.

Click HERE for a local news article about the on going construction.

By the time I got back my tea had steeped for about 20 minutes but it was still super delicious. I would totally make this brand again.



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