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SA Bar-B-Que Cookoff
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What is the BBQ Cookoff? I took this directly from the website:

The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cookoff is an annual event that occurs prior to the start of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Nearly 300 teams of the world’s best Barbequers compete in this championship event. There is live music throughout the day, shopping and plenty of fine Texas Barbeque to sample. Entries to the different categories are judged Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday. The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cookoff is sanctioned by the Texas Coast Bar-B-Que Cookers Association.

Even though it began in 1997 this is my first time going to this rodeo event and I would totally go again. We knew people who were entered in the contest and I kinda think that if you didn’t know anyone it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Each team in the contest has their own area with their smokers and tents and places for the guests to hang out. Since we were guests we were able to eat as much BBQ and drink as much beer as we wanted for free.


We spent about 99% of the time in the area of the team that invited us… because everything inside of their area was free. There isn’t anything better than free food and beer.




Chicken, sausage, brisket… you name it!


Here is Jackie, Me, Angela and Molly.

bbq cookoff san antonio barbque cook off picture pictures

Check out this awesome smoker I saw down the way.


And of course my favorite guy ever was with us.


Oh and did I mention that it was held in the parking lot at SeaWorld? I am pretty sure I was not suppose to go up on the landscaping… but I couldn’t resist!


I do have to mention that I don’t think this even would have been as fun if we had gone without knowing anyone. It is totally a social thing!


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