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Red Wine + Carpet = Yikes
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A couple of days ago a full glass of red wine was spilled on the carpet in the living room. Yes, I just said a couple of days ago… don’t judge. When it first happened I blotted it up with a towel and promised to take care of it. Well you know how it goes when you spill something that your drinking… you clean it up and you pour another glass, right? I didn’t really do that because at the time filling my wine glass back up seemed to be way more important. Fast forward to today. While I was getting read to vacuum the living room I picked up the towel and suddenly remembered the wine. Oh crap. In my defense it was in between both chairs so that’s why I didn’t notice it before. I have never had this problem before but I was ready for the challenge. Looking through the cabinet at my various cleaners I asked myself “How do you get red wine out of your carpet?” eventually I picked Folex to get the job done.

This is what I started with.. paper towels and Folex. I am not that impressed by the picture because in real life that purple stain looked a lot bigger and a lot darker.

red wine out of carpet cleaner

All I did was spray every spot I saw on the carpet. Then per the instructions I rubbed it in with my fingers. The spray doesn’t really have an odor or chemical smell so I was a bit nervous.


I let it sit in for maybe a minute (I admit that I am impatient). Then it was time to blot it up with my paper towel.


Once I was done blotting I thought for sure that the towel would be all purple… but it wasn’t. Why isn’t it all purple? Where did the wine go? That left me wondering what would happen if I poured a small amount of Folex directly into a small glass of wine? Hmmm… I kinda see a science experiment in my future. But maybe not because I think I would rather drink the wine than do science experiments with it.

How to remove red wine from carpet

A couple of hours later I came back to take a picture. Lily was sitting on the chair next to me and asked what the heck I was taking a picture of. I told her I just needed a thumbs up for a job well done.

Folex Carpet Cleaner

Thanks again Folex! You are the cleaner that blows my mind!

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