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Portland, Stephanie & 49ers
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This morning we woke up bright and early to catch the earliest possible flight to Portland, OR. You would think it would be easy to get to Portland in the morning due to the time change… but it’s not. The earliest you can get there is about 1:40 pm. We usually take the flight that gets us in around 4:00 pm but the exciting news was that we had something waiting for us on the other end. Stephanie took the Amtrak that morning from Seattle but since we couldn’t get there until 1:40 pm she beat us by a couple of hours. As soon as we landed we headed downtown to find her.


After lunch we headed to the apartment to find a good place to watch the NFL Games. Unfortunately since we showed up so late the San Francisco 49ers game was over… but since they won we weren’t complaining. We choose the Cheerful Tortoise because of its good reviews and it is within walking distance.

And along the way we spotted this painting on the wall of a parking garage on the Portland State University campus.

Doesn’t this place have a cool name/logo?

When we were leaving after the Ravens vs Patriots game (I want to note that I was happy to see the Patriots lose) I ran into a girl who had a really good reason for being a 49ers fan.


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