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Mimosas, Friends & Goodbyes!
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Angela and Jackie’s flight back to Florida was today at 4:00 pm so we had to squeeze as much in today as possible. Jackie said when she first got here that she wanted to see the San Antonio Riverwalk so that was our plan. First we went to pick up Molly so that she could join in the fun. Look what she greeted us with. Ahhh mimosas! Don’t worry though because JP was driving and he didn’t have any.

Our first stop was at Market Square so that Angela could buy her mom a cowboy hat. While We were waiting for them to shop I spotted a vendor across the street with the most amazing painting of Texas that I have ever seen. JP and I walked over to check it out and I was in instantly in love. JP said we could get it because we are not going to live in Texas forever.

Here is a closer picture that I took once we got it home. Love, love, love it!

While they were shopping in Market Square they saw these t-shirts. We HAD to buy them but the only problem was that there were 4 of us… and only 3 numbers. Oh well problem solved… Molly and I are obviously #1 so we don’t mind.


Then I spotted this truck and had to snap this picture.

Angela had to copy me.

And of course Jackie had to one-up us.

After that we went and had lunch at Casa Rio on the riverwalk and a couple of hours later we dropped them off at the airport. I heard later on that the flight attendants gave them free drinks on the plane because of their t-shirts.

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