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Let’s Explore Portland, OR
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This morning JP took off for work and Stephanie and I headed out to see what Portland has to offer. We went to the mall and bought some make-up and face cream and then it was time for lunch. We had lots of options for lunch but some how we ended up in a bar… that serves lunch.

We played on the motorcycle.


Took some funny pictures.

Made a new friend. Who I might say is like the definition of Portland.

Then we started venturing north. I am not sure exactly how many blocks but I think we walked about 10 blocks before we took this picture. Yes “Keep Portland Weird” was stolen from “Keep Austin Weird”. And trust me when I say that we did our part.


After stopping at a bunch of different places and realizing we were pretty far from the apartment JP came to pick us up. Look how cold it is! I am sooo glad I bought that new coat.

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