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Decorations Be Gone

Ever since the day after Christmas I have hoped that somehow my decorations could take themselves down and put themselves away… no such luck. Yesterday I gathered everything Christmas related and put it all in the same room but then I ran out of motivation. Today was the day that I was gonna get it all done.

This is the first and last time we have gotten this type of tree. It was falling apart as I removed the ornaments. I would grab an ornament, give it a light tug and the branch that it was on would snap. Weird. Look at all the stuff that fell just from pulling off half of a string of lights. I think I know why people sometimes have a problem with their trees starting on fire.


I am not sure what everyone else uses to store their ornaments but this is the best thing I have ever owned for ornaments. It is three layers of ornaments and they are all perfectly protected.

I dragged the tree out to the truck… now it’s JP’s problem when he gets back in town and needs to use his truck.

I wish I had taken a picture before I picked up a bunch of the branches. Here is about half of what was on the floor once the tree was gone.

But me and my Dyson got to work and sucked it all up.

I have everything back in the storage bins now I am just waiting for JP to get back in town to help me get them up in the rafters until next year.


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