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Cheese & A Coat Please!
Categories: JP, Shopping

We had an exciting day today. The first thing that was cool is that I discovered a new cheese. Next time your wanting something new try Heini’s Greek Yogurt Cheese.


Next we headed to La Cantera to look at winter coats. Why winter coats? Because I want something more stylish for my next trip to Portland, OR. Winter coats are pretty useless in San Antonio, TX. Not only is this coat super cute it was also 60% off… another reason to shop for winter clothing in Texas during January.


And we did a bunch of window shopping. Check out these cool mugs that I found at Anthropologie.. don’t worry I put them all back after I snapped the picture.


Then JP and I went to play some darts.

And I am pretty sure that I beat him in all but one game… not that I am keeping score!

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