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I’m Going To Disneyland
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Every winter JP’s parents spend a month or two in Palm Desert, CA to get away from the cold weather in Washington. When Marlene called to tell me their travel plans I knew that we had to find a way to go meet up with them. Luckily they get to Palm Desert on December 31st  and Lily doesn’t go back to school until January 7th… so I knew it was possible. Plus they have a two bedroom condo rented so we have a place to stay for free. When we went online to check on airline tickets we learned that Southwest Airlines doesn’t fly to Palm Springs so we had to find an alternate airport. The closest airport is either Ontario or Orange County. But after looking at the map and flight schedules we determined that LAX would be the best airport to fly into. We knew we wanted to leave on December 30th and since Bob and Marlene don’t get to Palm Desert until December 31st we would be on our own for a day… what better city to be on our own in than Los Angeles? JP said he would book the tickets to fly into and leave out of LAX and he would also find us a hotel for that first night. When I checked my email later that day I saw that he booked all three of us on flights. How excited is that? Then I saw another email that said something about a hotel reservation. I was so surprised and excited when the email said we are staying at the Disneyland Hotel for three nights… YES, THREE NIGHTS! I immediately called JP and said “I’m going to Disneyland”. So our plan is three nights at Disneyland and 3 nights with JP’s parents in Palm Desert. It does not get much cooler than that!

I wanted to tell Lily right away but we decided it would be more fun to keep it a secret for a little while. She knew we were going to California for a week she just didn’t have details. I tossed around the idea of letting her think we were going to Palm Desert until we actually pulled up at the Disney Hotel… but then I had a better idea. How about I put it on a t-shirt and let her figure it out for herself on Christmas Day? Here is the video of her figuring out that we are going to Disneyland. Just click on the video below.


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  1. Sarah S. says:

    That video was so sweet!

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