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What Manly Men Do
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There are certain things in life that I think make a man a manly man.

  • Confident – I generally don’t think men are manly if they don’t have any confidence. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who is happy about who they are and are able to just be themselves around others (as cheesy as it sounds).
  • Goal Oriented – A lot of women don’t want to be with a guy who isn’t going anywhere. Having goals and sticking to them makes a girl feel more secure. Some girls like to live on the edge and don’t really care, but a lot of girls do.
  • Sense of humor – This one is very important. If you can’t make girl laugh how can you make a girl want to hang out with you?
  • Smell good – By showering everyday, wearing some deodorant, etc., you can not lose masculinity, unless a certain girl likes your bodily odor. Sure there are times when you are working hard and breaking a sweat… and we like that… but for the most part we want a clean manly man.
  • Able to fix things – How many times has a woman handed a man something and asked him to fix it? A LOT! That’s because men are supposed to be able to do that. It could be anything from glue to screws that you use to fix it… just know how.
  • Sports – You don’t have to be Payton Manning or anything but you do need to know your sports. It is very attractive to watch a game with a guy and be able to ask questions about what is going on. A manly man knows and can explain to us why the referee just threw that flag on the field.
  • Be able to build stuff – A woman wants a new shelf put up… he needs to know how to do that. We need a picture hung on the wall.. yup that is all him. A new bike for the kid… it is gonna be him putting it together. New flat screen tv… you guessed it, he will be putting it up. But keep in mind that while a guy is doing these tasks for us we have to be there to cheer him on. When JP does stuff like this for me I am always there with a “You look so good doing that” “You are amazingly talented” “I love it when you do stuff like this”.
  • Respectful – A real man respects women and treats them as princesses, and yes, most women would like the opposite sex to view and treat them as such. You can tell a lot about a guy based on how he treats other people. Even if it’s as simple as opening a door for a girl or helping them get the lid off of something.
  • Be able to answer random questions – This one is kinda vague but still very important. Maybe I should have said “Be smart” instead. Girls never want to be with a guy who is dumber than them… you have to stimulate our mind. Teach us things.
  • Know how to work on cars – Sure it is 2012 and most cars aren’t really “worked on” anymore but this is still a skill that a manly man needs. Pretty much any woman born before 1990-ish can remember their fathers or brothers or some other guy working on a car. Getting under the hood, getting greasy, talking endlessly to other guys about engines and car parts… this my friend is manly. Having a classic car and knowing how to work on it is the ultimate chick magnet. We might not be able to talk engine size or horse power but you bet your ass we will take the time to tell you how cool your car is.

So your probably asking yourself where I am going with all of this. Besides pointing out the obvious fact that JP is all the above I want to share with you a story and some pictures that I snapped the other day when we were at Bob and Marlene’s.

For one reason or another JP had a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe parked in the garage at his parents house. It sat there for a number of years while JP still lived in Seattle. Once he moved to Texas I think he realized that it would now be harder than ever to start working on that car. About three years ago for Bob’s 75th birthday JP sent his dad the title to the car and told him it was now his project. Over the last few years piece by piece Bob has been building that car. Anytime JP talks to his dad on the phone I hear lots of talk about the Sting Ray. He did this, he did that, he ordered this, he ordered that… you get the picture. And of course when ever we are on Camano Island they spend a long time out in the garage talking about what has been done so far. This time I followed them out there and snapped a few pictures to share with you guys. While it isn’t quite drive-able yet it is still a sight to see.

 I told JP that we should play the Johnny Cash song “Once Piece At A Time” for Bob. If you have never heard this song do yourself a favor and click on the video below.


2 Comments to “What Manly Men Do”

  1. Rich says:

    Are they putting a new frame and engine in that Sting Ray? That style Corvette is my favorite.

  2. Daisy says:

    New engine with original frame.

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