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Always Crabby
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I was completely on my own today. Lily is with her dad until tomorrow morning and JP is in Portland, OR. I don’t usually get Lily back til Wednesday but since she is off from school this week for Thanksgiving her dad is dropping her off tomorrow morning. I have a really fun plan for tomorrow but I will tell you about that tomorrow.

So I was at home doing some stuff when I asked myself what I wanted for dinner. I had no idea. I considered a few different things before I said to myself “If I could have anything in the whole world for dinner today I would have crab”. The easiest way to have crab for dinner is at a restaurant but I didn’t want restaurant food so I headed to the grocery store. They have a live lobster tank at HEB and every once in a while we see live Dungeness Crab in the tanks. Today was my lucky day! This guy was my dinner tonight along with a side salad and some sourdough bread.

While I was in the store I walked down the Christmas aisle and found snowflakes. I bought like 8 packages of these things with a plan to put them on all the downstairs windows. It might not snow in Texas but at our house it will look like it does.


2 Comments to “Always Crabby”

  1. Barb says:

    He looks as though he’s saying, “Seriously, Rose… can we talk?” I think karma would haunt me on this one.

  2. Daisy says:

    Barb!! No, no karma lost or gained here… he was soooo delicious!

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