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Splish Splash
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Last year I did a blog post about cleaning Lily’s bedroom where I mentioned her bathroom. To read it click HERE.

We have 3 ½ bathrooms in our house. A full bathroom in the master bedroom on the first floor, a ½ bathroom off of the living room, a full bathroom in the upstairs hall next to the guest room and a full bathroom upstairs inside Lily’s bedroom. Strangely to this day no one has taken a shower or bath in her bathroom. Every time I bring it up she  says that she wants to shower in our bathroom because she can take the shower head down. Seems like an easy fix, right? Can you guess what we did today? Why didn’t we do this two years ago? We went out and bought a new shower head for her shower. Once JP had it installed I put her shampoo, conditioner and loofah in her bathroom. I tell her all the time that I would have done anything for my own shower when I was growing up.

2 Comments to “Splish Splash”

  1. J-9 says:

    I must be the 1% of doubt you had last year because I’ve showered in there a few times, before the other shower got a curtain.

  2. Daisy says:

    Hmmmm… I don’t remember that!

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