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Let’s Talk About Hair

I have lots of hair… lots of thick dark hair… all over my body. Some of it gets waxed, some gets plucked, some gets shaved, and others get cut. Today was a day to deal with the ones that get cut. I had an appointment with Barbie Flores at┬áSkin Rejuvenation Clinique. Barbie has been cutting my hair for about two years (if you don’t count the time that she switched salons and I accidentally found her 6 months later at a new salon) and I am always happy with it. Last time I went in to see her was a couple of months ago and I had her put a few purple streaks in my hair. This time I knew I wanted something fun but I wasn’t sure what. Here I am waiting for her while she mixed up some colors.

I knew when I went in that I needed a lot of work. I have grown grey hairs like crazy so I knew I needed natural looking color put in but I also wanted something more. I sent this picture to JP and said “I might be able to pick up a radio or tv station now!”. He responded and said “At least the alien transmissions into your brain are blocked for a while”. See… he loves me!

She ended up trimming my hair and putting in my natural brown color (to cover the grey) and added both lowlights and highlights. Wanna see an after picture? I really wish I had one because I love to show you. But now I just need to find someone to take my picture.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Sadly I’ve been noticing more and more grays on my head…I’ll be doing the same thing very soon. You live with 2 other people, get a picture!

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