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A Winning Combination
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I grew up in South Haven, Michigan which is the self-proclaimed Blueberry Capital of the World (if you do a little googling you will find that New Jersey and Maine might want to argue with Michigan about this). Now as an adult I find myself being somewhat of a blueberry snob. Any food with blueberries always catch my eye but not very many of them satisfy my taste buds. There is nothing like a Michigan blueberry and I am not surprised when people who have never had a Michigan blueberry tell me they don’t like them. Most of the blueberries around here are small and tart while the ones up north are big, sweet and juicy. Not to long ago I discovered that my local grocery store H.E.B. (the grocery store that I talk about all the time on here) makes the world’s best blueberry muffins. I can’t really make any sense of it since they are down here in south Texas but trust me when I say it. Lily loves them so much that yesterday after I bought them she chose a muffin after dinner instead of the desert that I had in mind for her. I prefer muffins for breakfast but to each their own, right?

So on to the point of my story. This morning when JP brought me my coffee in bed he told me that we were out of creamer and only had a bit of milk left. I usually drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee in the morning and I don’t like my coffee black… I like it with a splash of half and half creamer. I drank that first cup and when I got out of bed to start breakfast I remembered the muffins that I bought yesterday. Total SCORE because that was going to be breakfast. Then I remembered the creamer/milk situation. When I opened up the fridge I remembered that a few days ago I bought whipped cream… hmm… whipped cream in my coffee instead of creamer? Why not? And as soon as I tasted it I knew Oh-My-God I seriously just made the most amazing discovery ever… why hadn’t I tried this before? Delicious, delicious, delicious! Now I have an excellent cup of BofC and a blueberry muffin! Happy? I think so!

Dunkin Donuts coffee america runs on dunkin

Oh and I want to give special props to the whipped cream. I don’t usually like buying whipped cream in the can because it doesn’t taste the same as when I make it homemade. But we needed it for a desert last weekend so I tried a new brand. Land O Lakes nailed it when they created this stuff. It didn’t cost much more than the other brands and it is only 10 calories per tablespoon. Next time you’re in the market for whipped cream be sure to try Land O Lakes Sugar-Free Whipped Heavy Cream… you won’t be disappointed!

land-o-lakes sugar free heave whipped cream extra creamy

2 Comments to “A Winning Combination”

  1. Zerah says:

    Cool Whip in coffee is even better. Because it is all fake, it doesn’t curdle like real whip cream. So delicious, I have to keep it out of the house.

  2. Daisy says:

    I don’t like Cool Whip at all. This stuff doesn’t curdle either.. give it a try.

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