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Thank You Angela
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Don’t you love it when you know that someone is thinking about you? My friend Angela recently went on an amazing trip to Portugal. She sent me a Starbucks cup from Lisboa.

When I first saw the coffee cup I said to myself  “Where is Lisboa?” I had never even heard of it. This is what Google taught me today:

Lisboa, the capital of the western European nation of Portugal, is more commonly known in English as Lisbon. A city of some 565,000 residents live in an area of 85kms² but the total administrative area encompasses some 1,000kms² and over 2.8 million citizens more than a quarter of Portugal’s population.

Located on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon is both the westernmost point in continental Europe and the continent’s westernmost national capital. Lisbon is about 1,500kms southwest of Paris and roughly 600kms due north of the African continent.

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