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Hot Tamales
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When we were driving back from the coast this afternoon we hit a bunch of traffic. The speed limit is 70 mph but we probably averaged 60 or less. Not to long after we hit the Bexar county line traffic stopped. I am talking like less than 5 mph. We saw the sign for 1604 which is a highway that loops around the outskirts of town and decided that instead of sitting in stop and go we could take that. We went quite a bit out of our way but at least we were moving the whole time. The red line is 1604 and the yellow line is the way we would normally go home.

homemade tamales hot tamales food truck

After we exited I-37 to go to 1604 I spotted this truck parked on the side of the road.

San Antonio Tamales side of road interstate 37 Loop 1604

I asked JP if we had any cash on him. For $9.00 I bought a dozen tamales. When she handed them to me they were piping hot. Seriously the best tamales I have ever tasted!

Gotta love how you can buy food on the side of the road in Texas!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Tamales always make me think of you and dad. He would get them in Bangor (I think). I don’t really like them.

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