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Doing My Civic Duty
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A couple of weeks ago I received a jury summons in the mail. This is my first time being called for jury duty and as I was driving there this morning I realized that I really didn’t know anything about it. Don’t get me wrong I have seen lots of episodes of Law & Order and I have read a number of John Grisham novels but that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge about the legal system. So basically never ask me for legal advice.

I left my house about an hour before I had to be there since I wasn’t sure what traffic would be like.

Me and BofC got there with about 15 minutes to spare.

I was put in a room with probably about 200 other people. On each chair they had a juror pin and a handout about basic jury duty information.

Around 8:30 the judge came in the room and went over a whole bunch of information about how our day would go. To sum it up she said there would be a lot of sitting around and waiting. And there was A LOT of sitting around and waiting. We had a one hour break right after she was talking then from 9:45 until 11:30 they called two separate groups of like 25 people but I was not one of them. Then the lady went to the front of room and said they were dismissing 90 people… again I was not one of them. The remainder of us were told to take a 2 hour lunch break and to be back at 1:30. Really?

I went and sat in a park across from the court and played on my phone for a couple hours. Then from 1:30 until 3:00 I sat in the juror room again. Around 3:15 a lady came in and said she had juror list of 25 people. I was one of them. They lined us up in the order that our names were called and gave us juror numbers. I was now known as Juror #9.  They took us upstairs and lined us up outside of Court Room #8. They guy told us a couple things then said that he was sending us all home for the day and that we had to be back tomorrow by 1:30. I was at the Bexar County Courthouse for 7 1/2 hours and got paid $6 for it. But tomorrow when I come back it will be $34 a day… at the minimum I will make $40 doing my civic duty. But if you factor in parking then I lost $4 the first day because it costs $10 a day to park.

Here is a fun little fact for you. How do you think you pronounce Bexar County? Anytime I see it written I want to say “bex-ar” even though I know it is pronounced “bear”.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’ve never done jury duty either. It sucks that they don’t pay for your parking. Is JP excited that you are making some money?? ;p

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