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We Be Smokin’
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For a long time JP has talked about figuring out how to use our smoker. He has barbequed steaks a bunch of times but had never smoked anything until a few weeks ago when he tried doing beef ribs. They turned out okay but were a little well done. Ever since then he has been talking to people and looking things up on the internet about smokin ribs.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a rack of pork ribs and all the ingredients to make our own rub and barbeque sauce. There are A LOT of ingredients in the rub and sauce. I set out all the ingredients and had Lily measure out and make them. I have taught her about cooking for a while now and I can proudly say that she knows the difference between tbsp and tsp. That was a hard one for her to learn for some reason.

Because he was working up in the office all day he didn’t get them on the smoker until a little later than he expected. We ended up sitting down to eat just before 9:00 pm but the wait was totally worth it. JP nailed it this time.

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And the ribs are kid approved which is a total complement for the cook.

I have one other odd thing to tell you about today. As you know both JP and I have been married before. What I probably haven’t told you is that we had the same wedding anniversary. If we were both still married to our ex’s today would have been our anniversaries. Sometimes we joke about getting married on August 17th!

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  1. Rich says:

    They do look good. Low and slow.

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