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Birthday Breakfast Time
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Last night when I went to bed I told Lily that since it was my birthday I get to sleep as long as I want. Around 8:30 this morning I could hear her and Cameron out in the living room giggling about something. A few minutes later I heard my bedroom door opened really quietly for a second then I heard it close again. Then a couple of minutes after that the door opened again and they started singing Happy Birthday to me as they set a tray and a birthday gift on my bed.

Then Lily said “I made you eggs but they are still to hot to pick up.”. What? Then she told me that she knows I like soft-boiled eggs and that they used the egg timer until it reached medium but the water is still to hot to get the eggs out. Ohh geesh! She didn’t know about the part where you have to run them under cold water. She said “Ohhh that makes sense” and ran out of the room. About a minute later she came back with 3 hard-boiled eggs. How cute is that?

2 Comments to “Birthday Breakfast Time”

  1. Beth Knox says:

    How sweet is she?

  2. Vanessa says:

    Such a sweet girl! I need to start working on my kids for November!

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