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The Age Of Miracles
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I’ve told you before that we are members of the Powell’s Indiespensable book club. If you don’t remember me talking about it you can click here or here. The other day we got a really cool package. It was Indiespensable #34 which included a signed first edition of The Age of Miracles in a custom slip case and a Q&A with the author Karen Thompson Walker. They also included some survival kit items in the box. Pretty cool if you ask me. Today I finished another book that I was reading and figured I would start in on this one. Pretty cool slip case, right?


It is perfect for keeping your books in tip-top shape!


When I read hard cover books I always take the dust jacket off and put it safe inside the slip cover while I read the book. For some reason it bugs me when the dust jacket of the book moves around as I am trying to read. Usually the book itself is just a solid color and all the artwork is on the dust jacket… not this time. Imagine my surprise when I saw what was under the dust jacket. Okay, can you tell I just learned the word “dust jacket” today?


I read this entire book in one day and I would fully recommend it to anyone! To read more about the book click here. Or you can click here to see a quick video.

My favorite line in this book is “Some say that love is the sweetest feeling, the purest form of joy, but that isn’t right. It’s not love – it’s relief”.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I do the same thing with the dust jacket for the same reason! Although I usually put mine in the drawer next to my bed.

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