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How To Cook & Eat Artichokes

Before today I have only eaten an artichoke three times in my life. I mean an actual artichoke not the dips that you order in restaurants or the stuff you buy in the jars. The first time I had one was in the summer of 2010 when a friend made them for us when she came to visit. The next time we had them was when she came to visit again. Then the last time we had one was last week at Bob and Marlene’s house. I am not sure why but up until today I have never tried making them on my own. You can steam them, pressure cook them, boil them and probably even bbq them… but this is what I did.

I rinsed the artichoke.

Then I chopped off about an inch of the stem.

And about an inch off the top.

And I put it in the steamer for about 40 minutes.

This is what it looked like when I pulled it out.

Lily was super excited and could hardly wait for it to get done steaming. The portion size for this vegetable totally depends on how much of it you want to eat. You can either have one for each person eating or do like Lily and I and share one.

To eat them all you do is pull off each leaf, dip it in butter or mayo.

And then scrape the inside of the leaf against your bottom teeth.

It will look something like this once you have scraped it.

It takes a long time to eat one and you have to be a patient eater because you are not getting that much “meat” from each leaf. And you need a plate for the discarded leaves.

Once you get down to the soft petal parts grab a bunch at one time and simply bite off the end and discard the upper part. But be careful because something underneath is waiting for you.

Under the thin petals you will find this. It is the “choke” part of the artichoke. It is not edible and I am assuming that if you try to eat it you will start to perhaps choke.

Grab a knife or spoon and cut this part off because the best part of the artichoke is still to come. This is what it looks like once you get all the hairy choke looking things off. This part is called the heart.

Cut it into a couple pieces and enjoy. The whole time we were eating this Lily kept talking about how she can’t wait until we get to the heart. This by far our favorite part. The inside of the stem is also edible just be careful to cut the edges off.

Did you know that artichokes contain cynarin which causes everything else to taste sweeter in your mouth? Artichokes also have some surprisingly good health benefits!

The next vegetable on my list of things to try cooking is eggplant. Hopefully sometime in the next few months I will give it a try.


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  1. Sarah S says:

    I love artichokes but I’ve always been too intimiated to try to cook one myself… will give it a whirl after reading this!

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