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Farmers Market & Trees
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This morning we woke up and headed to downtown San Antonio to check out the Pearl Farmers Market. We have never been there before and we learned a big lesson. If your going you need to go early. Not only because of the heat but because by the time we got there most of the produce was already gone.

We did end up buying a basket of peaches though.

When we got back home we noticed that our yard guy had been there while we were gone. He planted our two new trees in backyard.

This one is the grapefruit tree.

See it even has some fruit on it.

And this one is the satsuma tree.

While we were outside I told JP that I wanted him to move one of our palms from one spot to another. I would move it myself but it is way to heavy to do it on my own. The palm was left there by the previous owners and I have loved it since I saw it I just think it needs more attention.

So JP got out the appliance dolly.

And got to work.

I think it looks so much better in a different part of the yard. Plus like to be in full sun and this guy has never gotten full sun until today. I gave him a major trim once he was in his new spot.

It was hot hot hot outside.

JP adjusted the sprinkler system to go off in the spot where the citrus trees and palm tree are every morning at 4:00am for 30 minutes… these trees are gonna be happy happy happy!

On a side note the grass will not always be that brown. A couple days before we left for vacation I had the yard guy test the sprinkler system and he found one broken head and two leaks in the line. He told me he would be back on Friday to fix everything but never showed up and we left for vacation on Saturday. What we didn’t know when we left was that he had turned off the sprinkler system after the test… so the sprinklers never went off the entire time we were on vacation. Ughh… so frustrating! But we know from experience that once the grass gets more water it will be green again.

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