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The Baby Bird Rescuer
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Lily went to her dad’s house last night so I was on my own. I will admit that what I usually do after dropping her off is head home and be super duper lazy. On my way home I plan in my head what I’m eating for dinner (just in case I have to stop somewhere) then I drive home.

So last night I dropped her off, went home, added songs to my iPhone for our vacation that starts on Saturday, ate dinner, then got into bed and watched TV until I fell asleep. Last nights dinner was Stuffed Grape Leaves and Taboule… if you haven’t even eaten those you should. I found them at my grocery the other day and they were delicious.

Knowing Lily would be dropped off around 9:00 am I usually set my alarm clock but last night I forgot to do that. I was somewhere in dream land… which I must mention have been quite crazy lately when I heard knocking. I realized it was Lily at the front door when she finally rang the doorbell. Usually her dad pulls up in the driveway and she walks up to the door alone so I just hopped out of bed wearing a tank top and boy shorts to open the door for her. Today he decided to walk her to the door… great. Needless to say I felt a little awkward as I opened the door and realized he was standing there. The first thing they say is “there is a baby bird over there”. I was still half asleep and not sure what they were saying when Bryan said “Lily found a baby bird under that tree and wants to keep it”. In his mind it was probably revenge to get me back for the whole tarantula thing a couple months ago. Lily and I looked around and it was not hard to spot the nest that we think he came out of. The nest is way up high in one of the long tall trees next to our house. Maybe he accidentally fell out of his bed? It is the same tree that caused our main water line to crack last summer (click here to read about that)… this tree gets a lot of action.  I told Lily to grab the plastic container that we usually keep bird seed in (I have currently stopped filling the feeders because the birds will eat two entire feeders of food in less than 24 hours) and a rag from the laundry room. She also thought it would be a good idea to put a little bit of bird food in the container. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the bird doesn’t eat bird seeds yet. We took the container outside and Lily scooped the bird into it.

He is kinda cute, right?

She wanted to bring him inside but I explained to her that the temperature inside is a lot cooler than the temperature outside and the bird would be cold. All of the sudden I had a really good idea. We have a couple Easter baskets tucked high on a shelf in the laundry room. I am sure everyone else has Easter baskets laying around somewhere too… if not what do other people do with left over Easter baskets? I really am curious what other people do with the baskets after Easter is over. Anyways I had her take the towel with the bird on it and put it in the basket. Then we hung the basket in the tree below the nest. Maybe the mommy bird will at least come feed him?

Even if he doesn’t live he will at least be kinda comfortable for a little while. I warned Lily that he might not live but we are both hopeful.

So now when you walk out our front door you will see this. Kinda awkward but I think it is high enough to keep the neighborhood cats from getting it since that is Lily’s #1 fear.

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  1. Daisy says:

    BREAKING NEWS: We were looking out the window to check out the bird and we saw two red adult birds loitering around. We kept watching and one of them had food in its mouth. As the adult bird landed on the basket it fell out of the tree…
    After the basket landed on the ground the adult bird spent a few minutes feeding the baby bird. We put the basket back up more securely but the baby bird wanted to jump out so we set the basket on the ground in the bushes. Again we saw the adult bird come feed it. Now we are jut gonna let nature take its course.

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