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The Baby Bird Rescue – Part II
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Hopefully you read the story about The Baby Bird Rescuer (if not click here). If you did then then I need to add to the story. Not long after putting him in the basket and attaching it to the tree we saw two really pretty red birds loitering around the area. We kept on watching and as one of the red birds who obviously had food in its mouth landed on the basket it fell to the ground. At first we left it there but a few hours later I came up with another genius idea.

I grabbed a container from the kitchen and drilled some holes in the bottom and one on the side. Then we put a few leaves and other stuff in the bottom and poured him in. Do you see him inside there?

Not to long after he was in his new home we saw the red bird land on the side of the container and feed him. Success!

To see a video of him Click Here.

2 Comments to “The Baby Bird Rescue – Part II”

  1. Vanessa says:

    You will have to keep us posted on the birds progress.

  2. Daisy says:

    Last night I went out to check on him before bed and he was not in his container. He was however like 4 or 5 branches up the tree. This morning I looked and he’s on the same branch as last night.

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