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Make Your Own Ice Globes
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I was on Pinterest not to long ago and I saw an article about how to keep kids busy during the summer. I showed Lily one of the articles about making homemade ice globes. After she looked at it she said something like “Well, what’s the point?” I didn’t have an answer I just thought it was kinda cool. Well evidently she thought it was cool too because next time we were at the grocery store she said we needed to buy some balloons. That was like a week ago and today we finally got around to starting the project. It’s very simple. All you need are some balloons, water and some food coloring. I guess you don’t really need the food coloring but it will make the final ice globe more exciting.

For the first balloon I held it open while she squeezed some food coloring in it.

Then we filled it with water.

By the third balloon she was doing it all by herself.

We filled up 5 of them. I think in the original article I read they used water balloons… but hey everything is bigger in Texas so we used regular size balloons.

Make sure you have space in your freezer. I just cleaned our freezer out a couple weeks ago so it was relatively empty. Put each balloon in the freezer.

Than it becomes a waiting game.

How long do you think it will take these things to completely freeze? I am guessing a long time so I told Lily we will check them tomorrow morning. I am not completely sure what the point of this is but Lily said once they freeze she is gonna bust them out of the balloon outside and play with the ice. Anything that keeps her busy is ok with me!

To see the finished product and find out the hard lesson we learned click on my follow-up post Ice Globe Update. You can find it HERE.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    This is too funny because yesterday we took balloons and filled them with small items, water and put them in the freezer. It did take at least 12 hours for them to freeze. The girls just got done chipping away at the ice to get the items out.

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