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Ice Globe Update

A couple hours after Lily put her balloons in the freezer we thought it would be a good idea to shake them up a little before they froze all the way through… DON’T DO THIS. I will explain why later. Just leave them alone… DON’T TOUCH THEM ONCE THEY ARE PARTLY FROZEN.

This is what they looked like this morning!

And this is what they looked like once she took the balloon off of the ice globes.

Did you notice something missing in the pictures above? If not then go back and look… the blue one is missing. Wanna know why? Because that is the one that we touched first when we thought it was a good idea to shake them before they froze all the way through… it must have been the shards of ice inside the balloon or maybe that the latex was frozen to the freezer basket… whatever it was when we touched it it exploded. Yes, a big blue explosion inside the freezer. Nice, huh?

This is what it looked like. Makes me think that this is what it would look like if Cookie Monster threw up in your freezer.

Once I had it all cleaned up Lily pointed out that she could fit in the freezer. Don’t worry we didn’t close the door and she was only in there long enough to snap the picture.

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